If you are looking for a trustworthy partner and an efficient supplier, Kubat Spices company is the perfect supplier for all your demands.

Kubat Spices company fulfills your needs as a customer, creating a unique product to meet your market demand.

Perfect Match

We are able to offer customised blends, adjusting the colour, flavour and heat of our paprika, chilli pepper, and chilli powders so that they are a perfect match with our customers’ requirements. We offer you the possibility of having customized product.

Price and Quality

The advantage of Mersin Free Zone’s production offers the possibility to export the highest quality products at an affordable price.

Tailor Made Design

Our production capacity and our facilities are at your service to process all kinds of chili pepper, sweet paprika flakes, and ground milled (powder) paprika with maximum safety and quality thanks to tailor-made designed machinery and professionals in the sector.


We process your products with all the guarantees and certifications of the most prestigious international organizations.

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