We have been making an effort for sustainable cooperation with our sectoral partners.

The spice trade was the world’s biggest industry and for a long time it was conducted mostly by camel caravan routes. The Silk Road was an important route connecting Asia with the Mediterranean world, including North Africa and Europe. Trade on the Silk Road was a significant factor in the development of the great civilizations.

As you know, with this great inheritance, Anatolia is motherland of many spices for centuries. One of our factories is located in the agriculture area of pepper known as Maras and the other one is in Mersin Free Zone in Turkey which is in this rich heritage and fertile land of Anatolia. We are in a unique geographical location, wide hinterland as well as multi-mode connection alternatives.

Kubat Spices company, obtain its product supply from selective breeding cooperatives which are located in southeastern Turkey. Working with several farms that have been producing peppers for decades, and with the traditional method of sun drying and processing to dry ripe fruit, naturally sun-dried peppers, fertile lands, and attentive hands come together to provide a unique taste and high-quality products.

Our family has been in foreign trade for over 30 years. 80% of our export products are hot chili pepper, sweet paprika flakes and ground milled (powder) paprika, as well as other spices.

We have been making an effort for sustainable cooperation with our sectoral partners; wholesalers, retailers, importers, manufacturers, packers, and brokers.

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